When you’re getting ready to have a Boudoir shoot done, there are a few things you should do in preparation.

Fresh color, and cut for your hair is a must. We can see new growth in your photos, so we definitely want to avoid that! I would highly suggest visiting www.kennethbrandtsalon.com – it’s an Aveda salon in Downtown Mason, Michigan. You will get the pampering you deserve before your shoot! The ladies there will take care of your needs, and the hand and arm massage while you’re getting color is to die for!

Eyebrows waxed within the week before your shoot.. Every little stray is noticed in photos.

Outfit, heels and any kind of jewelry should be folded neatly so we have no crease marks, or any kind of wrinkles.

The morning of your shoot, you should shave any unwanted hair, you know.. lady bits, arm pits, legs.. the whole 9 yards. 😉 That way, there’s no chance for razor burn, or stubble which can also stand out.  Make sure your hair is freshly washed, idealy the night before and dried. Greasy stands out as overly shiny, at the scalp so we want fresh locks!

Bring lotion, silky looking skin is the best! And make sure you wear no bra, tight socks, or anything that’s going to leave indents in your skin, those aren’t typically edited easily. Hair bands around the wrist are another big one! Loose fitting clothes, for the win before your shoot!  And CLEAR deodorant.

Be prepared, to have SO much fun! Boudoir is the most empowering thing you can do for yourself. There is nothing like getting pampered, and feeling sexy while getting your photos taken. As a stylist myself, I like to fluff hair, and do little tweaks or touch ups on lips, possibly switch up the color while we’re shooting. It keeps things fresh and different!

makeup application for boudoir