I will not show up to photograph your wedding, and only photograph the day. I will engage you, fix your makeup, pin up your fallen piece of hair, bring you a drink, and make your Mom cry when I show her a sneak on the back of the camera while you’re having your first dance.

I’ll ask you ridiculous questions while we shoot your bridal photos, to get a real laugh. And I’ll make your partner kiss you as many times in 10 seconds on any part of you, except your lips while I capture each reaction.

I want you to be engulfed in the experience, and I want you to remember every single moment possible, as the day passes so quickly.

If you want that experience, I’m your girl. Hit me up! I’m still booking for 2019 and actively booking 2020 weddings! Magankonoski.com

-xoxo, Magan 🖤